Small business SEO in under 10 minutes

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Running a small business often means you don’t have the budget, time or skills for search engine optimization…or rather, you think that’s the case. Luckily you’re wrong. Watch this official video from Google, and you’ll understand that you do have the budget, time and skills needed.

SEO tips for small businesses and startups - video by Google

Who should watch this video?

You should watch this video if:

  1. your website’s main content is below about 50 pages
  2. you’re not trying to rank for thousands of keywords, but rather want to rank for your company name and a handful or search terms

What SEO tips will you get?

In short, the video shows that you should:

  • choose the www vs non-www version of your website url
  • verify ownership of your website in Google Webmaster Tools
  • perform a background check on your domain
  • implement Google Analytics on your website
  • consider personas/users for your site
  • define your conversions
  • be smart about your content/copywriting
  • know what every page on your website should include
  • be aware of potential pitfalls
  • focus on your page load time
  • check and understand how you rank
  • invest time in social media the right way

If this sounds interesting, you want to find out more, watch the video below.

For Google’s official blog post (where you can also download the slides), visit “SEO essentials for startups in under 10 minutes

What to do now?

It might feel overwhelming with all the SEO stuff you should do, but just focus on one thing each week.

For example, implementing Google Analytics, or defining your conversions, will take you maximum 15 minutes. Figuring out your personas might take you a few cups of coffee, so why not use a pen and paper to work it out while you watch TV?

The important thing is that if you spend 30 minutes per week on SEO, you’ll move forward all the time…and that’s really what SEO is all about – constant improvements in an organized manner.

If you want help with creating an SEO plan for your website, contact me and we’ll have a chat.


Tess is a location independent Swedish emarketing tigress, and the founder of For the Love of SEO and owner of JoomlaTips. Follow Tess on Twitter: @tessneale / @joomlatips / @fortheloveofseo and Google Plus: Tess Neale

One Comment

  1. You’re right Glenn, some things we need to re-visit in order to be reminded again and again.

    Just because we’ve learnt the basics once doesn’t mean we won’t learn something new when we watch/read it again.


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