SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is about so much more than just ranking your website high in Google. More importantly, it should help you turn your visitors into clients. This is how we can help you improve your website content.

SEO copywriting service

Our SEO copywriting process

  1. Keyword research to determine which key phrases to recommend for use on your different pages.
  2. Receive feedback from you regarding which recommended key phrases fits best with your business, current content and goals.
  3. Create content based on your feedback, chosen keywords, and additional research (if needed). This includes keyword optimized page title, meta description, h1/h2/h3 headings, link titles, and up to 500 words per article.
  4. Receive 1-2 rounds of feedback from you on the finished content, and adjust if needed.

What we need from you

  • A list of keywords / phrases you want to rank for (per page). This will be the starting point of the keyword research.
  • Your website goals (as well as any page specific goals). The goal of any website is to increase the conversion rate, so your specific goals will determine the tone, direction and “call to action” of all content writing for your website.
  • Not required, but preferred: user access to your Google Analytics account, to determine what key phrases are already driving traffic and converting for each page (assuming you have goals set up in Analytics).


  • US$ 150 per page, which includes all of the above.
  • Deposit and payment arrangement will be discussed when we finalize how many of your pages are in need of SEO copywriting, as well as timeframe of the project.

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