About For the Love of SEO

My name is Tess and I am not an SEO rockstar, or selling any “amazing new SEO products”.

I am concentrating on the techniques I know work for small business websites, and I believe that hard work in a smart way always wins.

About Tess Neale

I am location independent, and currently based in Cape Town (South Africa). This is what I do when I’m not writing content for websites, or preparing your SEO audit. ;)

Why did I start For the love of SEO?

I honestly got so sick and tired of seeing all the cr*p SEO services out there!

When you know what SEO is truly about, you can easily see through the smoke and mirrors. For anybody else, it’s incredibly confusing trying to figure out what you’re being offered. For example:

  • “No black-hat techniques” – I should hope so!
  • “Number 1 spot on Google” – Really? If anybody gives you that guarantee, run for the hills!
  • “Professional SEO service” – I hope all SEO companies are professional!

Small business owners usually don’t have the time, budget or skills to go full force forward with SEO and online marketing – we’re too busy running our own business.

That’s why I started For the love of SEO – to use my experience as inspiration and help for people wanting to learn SEO, or outsource that side of their business.

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Should we work together?

View my experience and testimonials on LinkedInI’ve worked with small businesses online since 2008 – from local travel blogs to international ecommerce; from web development to social media. It’s been both fun and frustrating, but most of all: it’s been the most rewarding education ever!

Search engine optimization, social media, and “all that online stuff” (as one of my clients calls it) is not rocket science. It’s not easy, and it takes time, but it’s here to stay. If you’re looking for someone who can explain it in simple terms, and help you implement it, then we should talk.

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What others say about me and For the love of SEO

Tess is truly excelling in her field. She is dedicated and love what she does. Moreover, her attention to details results to quality job. Great work!

Thierry MullerCo-ownerProthemer

Wow this is a blog worth following! A really good, clear explanation of everything you needed to know about content marketing, but were afraid to ask.

A great piece of content marketing itself, from “emarketing tigress” Tess Neale.

Adrian KingwellDirectorMezzo Marketing Ltd

I’ve used Tess for SEO audits and she has consistently produced results that gave us a good base line to work on improving SEO on our sites.

I’ve been very happy with the final reports and the wealth of information that they provide. They are very thorough and provide a great overall view of the issues that she finds within a site when she reviews it with SEO in mind.

Kendall CabeCo-founderTimes Two Technology

Tess is an amazing internet marketer, as well as SEO expert. Instead of merrily thinking outside the box, she frequently lives outside of it, providing fresh perspective and clarification to most any situation.

Matthew KingOwnerColumbusGeek

Two words: Damn good.

John CoonenJohn CoonenCMS Association

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